Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He F*cks Her ‘Too Hard’ (See Photos)


    You would expect a break between a couple to come from the usual cheating or not being in love anymore, and other common reasons, but this isn’t the case.

    A break up letter written by a girl name Blessing to her boyfriend James is trending on social media and is bound to make you laugh for the obvious reasons.

    According to the lady, her boyfriend makes love to her too hard to the extent she feels like crying to the unbearable pains she feels.

    The letter reads; “Sontines I wonda wai i did not refuse you. The way you use to fok me is too hard, sontines I fill like crying real cry.

    “Pls James I want to tell you that it is over bitwin us. May God find sonwan that have strong Private part for you.


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